In Retrospect – Student Artwork 2020-2021

The past year has offered several challenges amid the pandemic. In that same vein, it has also offered a new way of analyzing things, a new way to construct our daily lives and move forward. The perseverance and ability to look ahead despite dealing with such challenges displays the courage that resides within each of us.

For Madison College students, one medium that displays this type of perseverance is art. Through their artwork, Madison College students have displayed that they, too, continue to carry on through their talent and creativity. Yahara Journal is honored to present the Madison College student work that has been received throughout 2020 and 2021 as both a recognition of their abilities and a reminder that we will continue to persevere.

All the work displayed in this year’s art show was submitted for various contests that Yahara Journal held throughout the past year. We want to thank Madison College students and the Truax Gallery staff for making it possible to view and share our appreciation for students’ works.