Student Work from the Photography
Program at Madison College

For the past several decades, the Madison College Photography Program has graduated some of the most successful commercial photographers in Wisconsin and beyond. The Program has seen and embraced some of the most consequential changes to the field of photography, including a monumental transition from using film as its means of recording images to being one of the first photo programs in the region to teach digital imaging.

Never in the long history of this Photography Program have we ever been met with a greater challenge than teaching and learning through a worldwide pandemic. Never, in the over two decades that the present staff has been a part of the Program, have students displayed more grit and determination to persevere and produce the best quality work possible than since the pandemic began.

Some of the work in this exhibition was created before the pandemic. Some of it was done since the pandemic started. What is most encouraging about this body of work is that it’s all great photography. Pandemic or no, our students’ best work is always outstanding. All of the work in this exhibition was done by students that have been in the Photography Program for over a year. It embodies the quality of composition, lighting, craft and creative vision that have been a hallmark of the Program since its inception. It is our heart’s desire in the Program that this creative force would continue, through thick and thin, to be the heart of photography at Madison College.

We hope this exhibition brings you hope and light in the midst of a dark time.

The Staff at Madison College Photography

Eli Aguero
Tia Booth
Mee Hyang Choi
Alfredo Cruz

Abagale Davis
Mischa Fox
Ashley Goetz
Abbey Miskimen

Elliana Parins
Payton Pruitt
Elizabeth Royle
Kora Sandri

Ross Schuette
Abbey Smith
Lucas Smith
Mario Suarez