Honoring the Black Woman & Honoring Dzigbodi Akyea

Dzigbodi worked at Madison College for over 17 years as a student support advisor. As one of our early members, Dzigbodi joined the events committee, and her first interest was to use our Madison College’s Art Gallery to feature Black art and artists during Black history month.  The more she talked about a gallery event the more animated and excited she became. Unfortunately, due to COVID we were unable to plan a show until now.  

In September, Dzigbodi passed away. A scholarship was created in her honor, and we wanted to assist. Since Dzigbodi had the brilliant idea of BWAG hosting an art show with a focus on Black art during February. We quickly contacted the gallery to discuss if this was a possibility because of COVID restrictions. The rest is history. 

Because Dzigbodi was a beautiful, smart, and strong Black woman, our executive team knew the theme had to honor her.  The theme of “Honoring the Black Woman” was the perfect endorsement. We wanted to showcase local artists.  We created an “artist open call” and the response was overwhelming.  We also sent out the open call flyer to the UW Art department, area museums, art teachers for local k-12 Schools 

Our last effort was to go through the book that American Family “Let’s Talk About It” to connect with some of the artists who created murals after the murder of George Floyd.   We wanted this to be a community show and it has turned out to be that!  We have third and fourth grade classes from One City participating in our show and a high school artist from Middleton.  One of the artists is in Africa and another who is currently incarcerated.  We are so pleased with how this all came together and thankful for all those who agreed to participate.